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What we do Long story short, we make our clients happy

Event Planning

As the event planning experts, we go beyond logistics, working as consultants to ensure your event is impactful and delivers on your business objectives. We put your strategic goals into action and focus on the attendee experience with innovative solutions, cost saving recommendations and proven processes that drive efficiencies and deliver results.

Event Budget Management

TGR Solutions budget managers drive towards our client’s financial goals by assessing risk and providing innovative solutions. We empower our clients to make sound financial decisions through informed reporting, proactive recommendations, risk assessment, goal setting, and contingency plans.

Project Management

Our team manage the day-to-day aspects of the project scope, while maintaining a holistic view of the business goals and event objectives. Perhaps your project isn’t exactly an “event”. We can support a variety of non-technical projects. With PMI professional certification and proven project management methods, we have the ability to successfully move any project forward.

Site Search & Contracting

When it’s time to choose a destination or venue for your next meeting or event, let our team of professionals find you the perfect venue at the right price. We will identify, evaluate, and communicate with the hotels, conference centers or convention centers best suited for your event. Our extensive knowledge of venues on a local, national and global scale—along with access to industry resources and contacts—enables us to precisely identify your best options. Our volume of business enables us to negotiate more favorable rates and contract terms for our clients. Our site search and contract negotiation service not only saves time and money, but also helps to mitigate your risk.

Artists & Speakers Booking

When booking an artist or speaker there is no better tool available to a promoter of public or corporate events than booking agencies and entertainment agents. Booking artists requires a great deal of experience and expertise, which is why it is so important to have the correct assistance when proceeding into the contracting , negotiation and offer phases that coincide with booking a artist. The process of booking artists and speakers and booking talent starts with an inquiry which gives the entertainment agent an idea of your event style, budget, dates, and other key info which entertainment agents need to find you the best artist for your event booking. Next, an official offer will be discussed to present to the artists. Upon the artist's acceptance of the official booking offer, contracts are issued and deposits are scheduled for payment. While the steps appear simple, the details within each step can be very complex and must be handled with the most delicate care to insure that all sides of the negotiation are happy, respected, and properly represented.

Trading Project Management

Trading projects team is available to advise and assist organisations on all aspects of foreign marketing. Trade consultants do not normally deal specifically with one product, although they may advise on product adaptation to a foreign market. Instead, they research domestic and foreign regulations and also assess commercial and political risk. They conduct foreign market research and establish contacts with foreign government agencies and other necessary resources, such as advertising companies, product service facilities, and local attorneys. Also it includes all logistics issues